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Rated “R” for recipes!


I am an admitted recipe junkie.  So much of good cooking depends on having the right recipe, ingredients and PASSION.  I decided to post some of my favorites.  Usually I will check a recipe book out from the library before I actually buy it just to make sure it is really worth owning.  I highly reccommend this.  Otherwise, you will have a bunch of bad recipe books in your cabinet.  You will become depressed that they don’t work for you and you won’t cook from them.  I am just going to post a few of my ALL TIME FAVORITES.  Some of the books you see in the picture above are used for only a few recipes.  That doesn’t mean I won’t cook more out of them in the future.

#1  The Best Recipe by the editors of Cooks Illustrated Magazine.

Oh, man.  There are so few things I have made from here that I haven’t liked that they aren’t even worth mentioning.  Every recipe includes a detailed description of numerous tests done to achieve the perfect recipe.  The book is thick and covers just about anything you want to make.  For me, it is the go to book if I don’t want to mess around.  Great results!

#2 Simply in Season

If you eat from you garden or wish you ate more from you garden or just wish you ate more healthy this is a great book.  My all time favorite recipe from here is the Sweet Potato Quesadillas.  Yummy!  Just a forewarning – these ARE healthy recipes.  My husband is of the opinion that a dessert should tast like a DESSERT, and that any dessert that contains wheat flour is only a wolf in sheeps clothing.  He does really enjoy everything else in this book (besides the desserts), and he loves his fruits and vegis.  This is not a vegitarian cookbook, though there are any vegitarian and low-meat recipes in it.


#3 Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

This book has revolutionized home bread baking for me.  The idea in a nutshell that you mix up a very wet dough and refrigerate it.  Then, when you want bread you get it out, let it rest, and bake it at a high temperature on a baking stone.  There are endless possibilities, including my favorites – pizza and pita bread.  

#4 Sunset Magazine

I have gotten so many great recipes from here.  The great thing is that you don’t have to be a subscriber to enjoy.  The have a website.  Here are some of my favs.

Raspberry Lemon Pudding Cakes

Cilantro Chicken

Buckwheat Belgian Waffles

Happy Cooking!!!

Keeping up with the Robinson’s…


Another week flew by at the Robinson house.  Myles had his 4 month appointment this week and is as healthy as can be.  He is 18 pounds 10 ounces.  That’s huge… 

Eli has been practicing his trick or treats – so be ready, we may stop by your house!!!  He will be the little pirate boy, in case you were wondering.  I do not spend money on Halloween costumes and this really came together from things we already had and things we borrowed from others.  Myles will be either an elephant or a pumpkin.

Paul and I attended The World Seen put on by our alma mater, MU on Saturday.  It was great and reminded me of college days…

Pumpkin Carving Day…

Paul’s pic of the week…


On a recent walk we ran for cover as sheets of rain pounded down on us.  It was absolutely the highlight of our day!

Keeping up with the Robinsons…


*I straight out STOLE this idea from the Smiths, here’s to hoping I can be a faithful about it as they are!

-This was a busy week for Annie at school.  Fall is always busy, but we had two special events this week, one was a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  I am training two new aides, getting ready for fall parent teacher conferences, implementing new materials from two different fall workshops I went to (Science Notebooking and Handwriting Without Tears).  Yes, umm, pray for me…

-Paul has been out taking pictures of fall colors, which seem to be especially beautiful this year.  Recently we took a walk at one of his favorite places to shoot, it was absolutely breathtaking.  Speaking of shooting, it’s the first weekend of hunting season, so we decided we need an orange jacket for Paul for when he is out taking pics.

-Yesterday we had a pumpkin carving day with Paul’s family.  Paul planned the menu :  Butternut Squash Soup and Cauliflower / Feta Salad for lunch, Roast Chicken with Red Potatoes and Salad for Dinner, pies made by Annie, apple, and pumpkin.

-Eli is super-cute lately.  Some of his favorite things to say are:

that’s right

yes sir


nice and warm

rainy day

He has also started calling me “BELLA” because he hears Paul call me that.  He calls Myles “Mowy-poo”.

-Myles is happiest when he is naked, but is generally mild mannered and happy most of the time.  He has started staying in the nursery at church all by himself and does great.  He’ll smile at just about anyone if he’s not tired or  hungry.  We went over to a friend’s house for lunch after church today.  They have a 13 year old son who loves babies.  Myles made quick friends with him and was soon sucking on his neck…  friendly baby.

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