Keeping up with the Robinson’s…

*pic taken by budding photographer (Eli), don’t you love how he captures how tired I am at the end of the day.

Elias proclaimed that it was a “hot summer day” today.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It’s been in the single digits here at night.  Our wood stove keeps us warm all the time.  Wet hair freezes instantly on my way to the car in the morning.  It’s quite cozy, but we haven’t made any trips to the duck pond recently.

We are in the midst of buying a house.  We should get the keys to the house next week.  Paul can barely contain his excitement and has many plans and lists.  He is currently working on the problem of certain rodents that live under said house (raccoons, or ‘coons as we’ve learned to refer to them over the past few days).  We’ve located a trapper man that will climb under the house and (ahem) “take them to a happier place”.

I am delighted about the house but  my Christmas plans have been foiled.  I will be sending out Valentines cards instead of Christmas cards.  We have no tree.  I have had to make myself do less for Christmas and it’s a little bit freeing.  We will enjoy our friends and family who are flying in over the next week. 

It has been fun daydreaming about a house that we will raise our kids in.  Curiously, the entire house has been painted beige (inside and out) excluding one wall in the master bedroom which is painted dark red.  So painting will be on my list of priorities, but we’ll take it one room at a time. 

That’s my update and I’m stickin’ to it.


2 responses to “Keeping up with the Robinson’s…

  1. So how did he do that, with him half in the picture, LOL? Cute but sorry you were so tired. If you look tired you must be tired. The boys (what shows anyway) don’t look at all tired.

    Really looking forward to seeing you all soon and meeting Myles for the 1st time! Looks like it is supposed to get somewhat warmer.

  2. Yay. That’s awesome news about the house. We need to catch up with you all after the holidays.

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