Keeping up with the Robinson’s …

– Myles has learned how to screech like a little baby eagle.  He also has a very fuzzy tuft of hair on top.  He especially resembles a baby bird when fresh from the tub.  His favorite place (besides being held) is on the floor beside you, whatever you are doing, or where he has a good view of Eli playing.  He hates to be left alone.  Consequently, we move him from room to room and cuddle him quite often.

– Elias is quite the little man these days.  He has learned the true meaning of the words, “I’m sorry”, and will make up reasons to say it.  He won’t be satisfied until you grant him forgiveness.  He also likes, “Thank you.”  We’re confident he’s on his way to becoming quite socially adept.  A highlight of the week was at story time at the library when the librarian sang “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”.  Eli jumped up in front of all the little people and ran to the librarian and said, “My grammy sings that song!” 

– Paul has been hard at work looking at house plans (in case our house deal falls through).  He is also immersed in a Sunday School class he has been teaching at church.  He loves teaching and will talk for hours about it.

– Annie is sick this weekend.  Teachers are really only allowed to get sick on the weekends.  I’m not really that sick, just sick enough to stay in my pajamas all day.  At school, we are in the midst of  Thanksgiving feast preparations, which is always tons of fun.  Our school puts on a huge feast, complete with 3 Turkeys and guests from the community.  The students make desserts and peel potatoes all week. 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving…


One response to “Keeping up with the Robinson’s …

  1. Thanks for the cute update!

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