Keeping up with the Robinson’s…


Another week flew by at the Robinson house.  Myles had his 4 month appointment this week and is as healthy as can be.  He is 18 pounds 10 ounces.  That’s huge… 

Eli has been practicing his trick or treats – so be ready, we may stop by your house!!!  He will be the little pirate boy, in case you were wondering.  I do not spend money on Halloween costumes and this really came together from things we already had and things we borrowed from others.  Myles will be either an elephant or a pumpkin.

Paul and I attended The World Seen put on by our alma mater, MU on Saturday.  It was great and reminded me of college days…

2 responses to “Keeping up with the Robinson’s…

  1. 4 months already!?! Wow!! The time really does fly. Benjamin is 8 months and I think Myles is going to catch up to him in weight!! At B’s last doctor appt., he weighed 22 lbs. Big boys!! 🙂

  2. I figured he must be close to that.

    Did you read about the ridiculous case of a health ins co at first denying coverage to a 4 mo old who I think was 17 lbs? They said he was too obese! They had a picture of him and he just like like a real chubby baby, sort of like some of the pictures of Myles. They said he also only was nursed.

    Now if they had been feeding him sugar water like I hear some do that would be something else.

    They finally changed their mind.

    Myles seems to be nice and healthy and well loved just like Eli.

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