Steilacoom Ferry

On Friday we left Myles with Grandma and took Eli on the Steilacoom Ferry.  It’s the closest ferry to where we live.  If you aren’t familiar with the northwest – ferries are a vital part of traversing around our area.  You can drive your car on, walk or bike on the ferry.  The Steilicoom Ferry makes a short trip to Anderson Island.  Eli had never been on a boat (besides our canoe) so we decided it was time.


After stopping at Starbucks to get breakfast to get a glorified egg mckmuffin (we just love those breakfast sandwiches! – also, the lady made a mistake on our order so it turned out to be free), we boarded the ferry at Steilacoom, it’s a very short ride – about 20 minutes.


We drove around Anderson Island for a while and found this schoolhouse.  I love schoolhouses!!!


This schoolhouse is in “wide awake hollow”.  Isn’t that the best name ever?


We eventually found I tiny park and headed down one of the trails there with no idea where it might end up.  It took us to this little lagoon where Eli and Paul saw some crabs.


Here we are back in the town of Steilacoom.  We got Eli a Root Beer float to share with Paul.  He loved it.  We hope to take a few more day trips like this before the summer ends.  We are still iffy on going camping.  There’s nothing more uncomfortable than breastfeeding in the cold in the middle of the night in a tent.  I love camping though, so I may just make the sacrifice.


One response to “Steilacoom Ferry

  1. Loved the photos! Maybe you could find a place to camp soon where it isn’t so cold at night? But yet is still pretty and a place you’d like to visit.

    And maybe you could engineer it so you had a blanket handy so you wouldn’t have to uncover and get cold. Well, what do I know. But hope you can figure out something so you can really enjoy a camping trip or 2 or so.

    How did Eli like the ferry?

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