Raspberries and Peas

I love summer time in the vegtable garden and so does Eli.  Raspberries and Peas are two of  his favorite things.  The peas have been wonderful this year.  Seems like we have peas coming out our ears.  We pick a big basketful of peas about every other day.  Eli sits down with me and helps me shell them out.  One in the bowl, one in the mouth is about how it goes.  And when we are in the raspberry patch he will follow you around with his little basket saying moreeee, moreee.  20090713-DSC_0034




One response to “Raspberries and Peas

  1. Sounds like you guys are having fun. I wish my garden was growing that well. The chard and kale didn’t germinate well so are sparse and then some of them didn’t grow so well. But still nothing like harvesting your own produce to eat. I just wish I had more of it, LOL. Oh and caterpillars have eaten most of the kale so there hasn’t been any for me so far.

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