A Day at the Beach

This past Friday we got away for a much needed day at the beach.  It was good to get away from home and venture into the big wide world.  Despite a few minor setbacks (our car overheating) we finally made it down to the beach and what a glorious day it was.  We all enjoyed it thoroughly, Eli most of all.  We chased seagulls on the beach, built sand castles, and wallowed in the sand.  When it came time to go home Eli kept saying beach, beach, beach with a little quiver in his lower lip and tears welling up in his eyes. 



One response to “A Day at the Beach

  1. Glad you had that special time. The picture of you and Myles reminds me of when you were down here with Eli and we went to Dana Point when he was about that age.

    And yeah, beaches seem made for little boys like Eli. Too bad you aren’t closer, but then you have other nice things like the stream by your folks place for him to play.

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