Home to bilateral rest (left side)…

That means bedrest folks.  With three days left of school.  It seems my somewhat cavalier attitude about pregnancy, which serves me well most days, has landed me at home, in bed, left side. Nothing is wrong with me, I’m just pregnant.   I make sure to get enough sleep, eat healthy and excercise, I should be fine.  That’s the idea, anyway…

So when my midwife was concerned about my blood pressure at my appointment yesterday I was in optimistic denial.  She kept talking about sending me “next door” (the hospital is next door).  I kept thinking, “she must mean the exam room next door”.  And when the nurse discharged me from the hospital with orders to go “home to bilateral rest”, I thought “she can’t really be telling me that I have to actually lay down all day”.  In all, every lab was fine, but my blood pressure was still high, so it’s home to bed I am.  It is that bed I am right now.  I am trying not to think of it as prison for a day.

Right now it’s quite pleasant.  I am listening to Eli and Paul visit with our wonderful neighbors in the yard, there is a sweet smelling breeze coming in through the window, and birds are singing.  It would be even more pleasant if I didn’t have a jillion things to do at school before the last day on Friday.

So far I have eaten breakfast in bed, played trucks with Eli in bed, tickled Eli in bed, drank my coffee in bed, checked facebook and email in bed, and blogged in bed.

I also have a list of things that I can do in bed:

-writing thank you notes

-reading my Bible

-watching that netflix movie that has been sitting around for too long

-picking up a knitting project

-trying not to bother Paul, who says he gets much more done when I go to work like I am supposed to.

-trying not to shop online for baby things

So expect frequent updates to this blog until I am freed from this (probably unnecessary) restriction at 1:10 tomorrow, when my midwife will check me again and let me live.


3 responses to “Home to bilateral rest (left side)…

  1. Eek! Bed rest is never a good prescription, especially when you are feeling good and would rather be up.

  2. Hope that blood pressure comes down. Praying for good health for you both and the timing of his arrival on God’s schedule.

  3. Just had a thought in line with your stating your apparent denial. I thought you said you had to lay down all day, not be on the bed all day.

    So are you actually laying down or only sort of resting on the bed? Or did they tell you that you had to be lying flat in bed or could be propped up or?

    I also noticed that the times listed for the comments is way off–maybe about 12 hrs, since my earlier comment was posted in the morning I think or maybe early afternoon.

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