One of the projects that I love to do at school is hatching chicken eggs.  I got a grant a few years ago with which I bought an incubator and egg turner.  This week our eggs hatched.  I had only done this project with younger students before so it was interesting to see how older students reacted.  For a few days this week, they would literally run into the school to see what had happened in the incubator overnight.  I have to say I enjoy their joy.  The first egg hatched while they were eating lunch.  In years past I have literally held a hatching egg in my hand while the students watched.  Priceless!

A project like this has numerous applications to curriculum, but the greater principle that students learn is respect for life, which is something I hope my students will take with them when they leave our school. 

A project like this is not hard, but a teacher does have to track down a reliable source of fertilized eggs and a safe home for the chicks.  I brought the chicks home today after school and am babysitting them until their “new mother” picks them up tomorrow.  I knew that once I brought the chicks home Paul would want to keep them.  That’s not going to happen, but Paul does have plans in the works for building a chicken coop.


Eli is very gentle with them.  But no, Paul, we are not keeping them.


They think I am their mother.  If I sit down on the lawn they will gather around me like a mother hen.  And yes, three weeks left until Myles hatches – as you can clearly see!


They also like to follow Eli around the yard. 


We had a beautiful day at the lake today.  Our school took a field trip and Eli, Paul and some friends came along with the canoe.  Eli got his first sunburn today.  The weather is supposed to be in the 80’s for at least the next five days.  Have a blessed weekend!


2 responses to “Hatching…

  1. Enjoy reading the posts and especially seeing the cute pictures. They are such an antidote to reading all the depressing news on news websites.

    Is the official due date still June 23? I see that is 3 weeks from today. Of course I guess he will come when he is ready.

  2. Also sounds like you are having warmer weather than S CA. We’ve been having June gloom which was so thick over the weekend that several days the sun never came out and it felt rather chilly I think in the 60s. Now some scattered and intermittent thunder storms. Not much here, although there were some very large rain drops for a few minutes around 5 pm.

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