5-25-09: the day I lost my travel mug

Paul lost my travel mug today. 

I will forgive him, I will forgive him, I will forgive him…

Me and this travel mug have been together for many, many years, through many, many things.  And OK, it’s just a travel mug…

He left it on the side of the lake before we went canoeing (by the way, you should see Eli in a little tiny life jacket, it will make you want to eat him UP).  Before we realized that we had left it there it was too late to go back.  It is probably now in the hands of some redneck fisherman.  They’ll probaby use it for bait.

I looked online for the best rated travel mugs when I got home.  Nothing caught my eye, nothing to be excited about.  I decided that finding a good travel mug is strictly providential, and one can’t push things too far.  My intuition is saying, “Don’t tempt fate, your travel mug will come to you.”


Now that I have that out of the way, I have to give my hubby major credit for taking a nine month pregnant wife and a two year old canoeing today.  Remember, it is almost impossible for me to lift anything of substance above my head, so he had to get the canoe on and off of the car completely by himself.  Stud.

It was a beautiful morning and Eli did pretty good in the canoe.  He wanted to stand up a few times and threw little fits when he couldn’t but I think eventually he will get the hang of it.

No pictures of Eli’s first canoe trip because we didn’t want to get the camera wet.  Thanks for listening.  Enjoy this beautiful memorial day.


One response to “5-25-09: the day I lost my travel mug

  1. Please let us all know when you find the perfect mug! I’ve never had the perfect one, so I can’t fathom your loss. At least you had a good adventure out of the experience.

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