Our hospital adventure…

We went to the hospital yesterday.  I had been having more and more frequent Braxton Hicks contractions that weren’t going away, so I called my midwives office.  I never in a million years thought that they would tell me to go to the hospital, and when they did I was surprised and a bit scared.  I thought they might want to see me at the office or tell me to go home and lay down.  So after I cried on the phone to Paul we headed to the hospital. 

Everything checked out fine at the hospital.  I was probably doing too much and the only restriction I have is that I can’t lift anything, not even a laundry basket.  This includes my 30 pound toddler, so we are going to have to make some changes around the house. 

This baby is very active.  When I was hooked up to the machines at the hospital he never stopped moving, which is not uncommon for him.  Paul was amazed at the amount of movement he could actually see on the outside of my belly.  I had been telling him the baby was active but I don’t think he really realized what I was talking about until he just watched for a while.  My suspicion is that one of the things that is causing my frequent contractions is that all his activity is irritating my uterus.

Please pray that this doesn’t happen again.  I feel much better today and have only had a couple contractions since I left the hospital.  I have an appointment with my midwife on Monday and will talk to her more about it there.  For now all is well.  I’ve had such a good pregnancy and I would really like this to be just a fluke, and not to have to be placed on any more restriction for the rest of my pregnancy.

4 responses to “Our hospital adventure…

  1. Sounds nerve wracking. How many weeks are you now? I was always terrified of being put on bed rest. Maybe with a first pregnancy it would be okay (bon-bons and soap operas?), but the second just seems like torture when there is SO much to do and lift. Hope all is well for the rest the pregnancy.

  2. Well PTL! Barb had called me last night with a quick explanation but this clarifies it so much. I guess its a good thing that Eli seems to be a bit mellow and not apparently as active as the new little one. Hopefully he will be able to understand why Mommy can’t pick him up. I guess you’ll just have to sit down and have him crawl up in your lap or something.

    I was just thinking last night about Psalm 139 and how the Lord is knitting the new little one together and He knows just who he is even though we can’t see him out in the world yet.

    Love you guys!

  3. Annie, We are sooo happy that you feel better. It also reminds us to pray more faithfully. Grandpa R. and I prayed at his place and then sang some hymns. He wanted to know how you were doing. God answered prayer for you and we rejoice in Him! Love you very much.

  4. That’s weird. I just wrote it at 1:53 and it says 8:56!
    oh well,

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