How to make a green smoothie…

This is my version of a green smoothie.  You can find countless versions on youtube.  When Eli started eating table foods I realized the value of a smoothie.  I was able to hide many different vegetables in a smoothie without questioning from a picky baby/toddler. 

I’ve always liked smoothies, but only recently did I decide to hide vegis in my own smoothies!    This is the secret:  you can put an amazing amount of greens in a smoothie and not even taste them.  It’s not that I don’t like my spinach, it’s just that it’s not usually my go to quick snack food.  Often in the morning I will make a smoothie for all of us before I leave the house.  Today I made them when Eli got up from nap.  Eli loves them, Paul loves them, I love them:  it’s a win, win, win.


First, put a frozen banana in the blender. 


Next put 1 cup frozen blueberries and a lot of frozen spinach in.  You may want to start out with less spinach and work up from there.  Both the blueberries and the spinach I got at Costco.  They sell a VERY large bag of spinach for about three dollars.  I just take out what I think I will use fresh and freeze the rest to use for smoothies.


Fill with a good amount of orange juice.  You could also use a different kind of juice but OJ is my favorite.


And blend!  Ours turns out to be more of a “brown” smoothie because of the blueberries.  Ignore the color, if you were to omit the blueberries, which also tastes just great, the color would be bright green.


This will make one sippy cup full …


and two adult size smoothies.  Hope you enjoy these as much as we do.


2 responses to “How to make a green smoothie…

  1. Looks good. We have some soy protein powder that we add to smoothies. It adds that punch of protein that makes you feel like a fantastic parent…. as if getting your child to eat that much spinach doesn’t make you feel good enough.

  2. I think this is agreat idea. My kids love smoothies so I will try and sneak some spinach in there, soon. I ‘ll just have to put it in a non see through cup, though!

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