my absence from the internet and anecdotes regarding school…

I haven’t felt like blogging.  It is what it is.  I really wish I was one of those people who had fancy stuff on their blog and daily updates about their life and family.  Wait, no I don’t, I’m glad I’m me.  Sorry about that moment of self deprecation.

(side note:  I think it’s odd that wordpress’s spellcheck thinks I spelled “blog” wrong)


I do have some funny stories about school: 

The students planted some grass seed as part of a plant unit we are doing.  In order water them all efficiently I put them on a baking sheet and brought them into the classroom.  As I was bringing them in, one student turned to the other and said, “She must’ve cooked ’em.”

I also have another student who consistently spells the word “we” like this – “Wii”. (picture me rolling my eyes)

They really are a joy to teach and I absolutely love the multi-age format.  It’s such a challenge but so rewarding.  I am super excited to start worm composting with my students!  I think this will be a great learning opportunity for them.


My pregnancy is going very well.  I have hit the six month mark and am starting to get very excited for June.  I can’t wait to hold another little baby boy!  I’m starting to think about and plan for my next natural birth.  I absolutely love my midwives.  I can’t believe I didn’t go that route the first time around.

We still don’t have a name picked out.  Perhaps we will decide in the hospital!  When we ask Eli if he is going to have a baby brother he violently shakes his head no.  I suppose every mother of a toddler worries about how they will react to the new baby.  I also have a sneaking suspision that it will probably turn out better than we expect.  He really is such a good boy – most of the time.  The other day Paul was making a quiche and had a tin of dry mustard on the counter.  Eli usually doesn’t take things from the counter (except for cookies) but that yellow container must have been too tempting for him.  Paul followed a little trail of yellow dust to the culprit, who was waiting  on a chair by the window for me to come home – with a tin of dry mustard in his hand.

He has also taken to having little conversations with himself in his crib.  In the morning, he sings and talks.  Sometimes he loses one of the many comfort objects he keeps in the crib with him and he calls out for it.  Tra-ter, tra-er (tractor) or bay-bee, bay-bee (baby).  He is quite sweet and generous with hugs and kisses.


I hope to write and have more pictures this weekend.  Hopefully about green smoothies and other yummy things.


3 responses to “my absence from the internet and anecdotes regarding school…

  1. Always glad for the updates!

  2. By the way, I think it is normal for parents to worry about sibling interaction. After all, it is a huge adjustment for all. I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate love my girls had for each other. Now they fight constantly, but the love is still there. I heard one mom say that it isn’t our job to make our kids to be best friends, but to teach them how to tolerate their differences. Great lessons for life.

  3. Great to see a bit of an update. Looking forward to the pictures.

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