Gregiore doesn’t get it…

I don’t get political very often, but our governor’s recent comments threats to small schools had me steaming.

“Well, I am uttering the word ‘consolidation’,” Gregoire said Wednesday. “I don’t get it. I don’t get why we have 50 (schools) that have less than 150 students.”

Seattle Times

Maybe there’s a reason Christine Gregiore didn’t do well in rural areas.  Small schools are an integral part of the rural community.  As a teacher in a very small school district I can tell you exactly why small schools exist – because their community wants them to.


2 responses to “Gregiore doesn’t get it…

  1. Well I don’t know much about this issue, but it seems like the reason you give ought to be enough. Why should the state butt into local school district issues?

    I don’t suppose she has bothered to come visit schools like yours to investigate why they exist and how they work or anything either.

    And from comments about your current position and the previous one they seem to have something lacking in larger districts–a strong sense of community which in turn probably gives the kids a sense of belonging and security.

  2. That is maddening. It seems with every political move these days, our government is trying to conform a body of free thinking Americans into a big city mass of idiots who just do what we are told. They are worried because people think better in smaller classes out of the city in the fresh air.

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