In which I talk about boy parts…


In a bold move, baby boy decides to leave nothing to the imagination. 

I had a wonderful ultrasound on Thursday.  I would post more pictures but they aren’t very good.  I could tell right from the beginning of the ultrasound that it was a boy, but they never tell you until the end.  Baby was suckling on his arm at one point, I could see nursing-type mouth movements – that was pretty amazing.  I am taking that to mean he will be a great breastfeeder.  They also let me hear the heartbeat  – it’s so much more real on an ultrasound than on that little doppler thing at the doctors office.  Anyway, baby is fine – a great kicker.  He reminds me of his presence ALL DAY LONG.  This is very different from Eli, who kicked hard but in fits and spurts. 

I like to imagine I can tell something of his character from the ultrasounds and the way he moves around inside me.  I was talking to my good friend Kara on the way home from the ultrasound about these insights.  It’s nice to have someone, besides you husband who wonders in amazement that this miracle can happen, not just once, but twice – and in such a unique way every time.  So let me make my predictions now:

– this child will scream immediately after he is born, announcing his presence in the world (you might think they all scream but Eli didn’t – partly because it was such a peaceful labor and partly because of who he is)

– this will be a short labor (but I hope long enough to get to the hospital – which is an hour away)

– this child will be a great sleeper and nurser (maybe this is just wishful thinking?)

– this child will have a strong personality, but not more than his parents can handle

I let my students make predictions on a graph last week as to the sex of the baby.  There was much rejoicing this morning as (surprisingly) most of them had actually guessed a boy.  I gave them a coupon for a free assignment (like a get out of jail free card) if they got it right.


5 responses to “In which I talk about boy parts…

  1. Yay for boys!!!! We’re still awaiting the arrival of our 2nd one (only 7 more days to go!). 🙂 Congratulations and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! It’s different in so many ways the second time around!

  2. I also marvel at how 2 “similar” experiences like being pregnant twice, can be SO different. My children are as different as they can be, yet both created by God for me. It’s a precious gift and I am so excited to hear the news of your second boy.

  3. Boys are amazing. I’m so happy for your little family!

  4. So Eli gets a brother. You seem to be following the Robinson pattern so far–2 boys about a couple years apart. And then later a girl. Well, we don’t know about whatever may or may not come after this one. I imagine that now you will zero in more on names, or maybe you already have and then we will find out what his name is when you are ready to tell us.

    But I remember with Eli it was fun knowing ahead of time not only his sex but also his name. He just seemed so much more like a person then. So we could get to know him a bit before his arrival.

  5. Congratulations on the boy parts Annie! They look great! 🙂 I also love your Target post. I’ve done that twice recently; pulled into a parking lot and thought “you know, this just isn’t worth it!”

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