Avoidance, apathy or adventure?

Living far away from any big box stores has advantages.  Paul and I are morphing and transforming into minimalists.  The other day Paul made the big trip into town to go to Walmart, but he forgot a few things.  At first we were a little disappointed, but then we realized that these things are not essential to life.  One of the things was soap … I hope that doesn’t concern you too much. 

Fast forward to yesterday when I went to Olympia for a doctor’s appointment.  I rarely go into town or even shopping for that matter because Paul does all the household shopping.  I knew I needed to go to Target for some things, but when I got there, I just couldn’t make myself go in.  The whole process just seemed overwhelming to me.  I found myself thinking, “How much do I really need the things on my list?”  “Is it really worth the energy?”

Maybe this apathy was owing to the fact that I was pretty tired.  I had actually fallen asleep on that little bed waiting for the midwife to see me.  But I left Target because I didn’t care enough about the things I “needed” (once again, soap was on the list) to go inside.  I wanted to get out of that strip mall as soon as I could. 

When we first moved here there were a lot of things we liked to eat but couldn’t find.  We’ve learned how to make our own (whole milk yogurt, good bread) or learned to substitute things that we could make on our own.  I started growing my own sprouts.  I make granola with Eli because Paul won’t get it for me at the store (it’s too expensive).

I hope the next time you see us we don’t look like we’ve been living out of a cardboard box.  I am actually deserately in need of some maternity jeans but lack the motivation to shop for them.

Is this good or bad?  Who knows.  I think part of it is plain old avoidance and part of it is a advenurous spirit.  It’s where we are right now – in the sticks, living life.


One response to “Avoidance, apathy or adventure?

  1. I think it’s great! I live 10 min away from a Target so it’s pretty convenient for me to go there but I’m finding that it’s lost it’s appeal. I bet you could find some great maternity jeans on ebay or something that would just be shipped to your house–zero energy expended 🙂

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