And I love the rain… and weddings… and mountains…

My kids are memorizing “April Rain Song”  by Langstone Hughes.  They don’t really know that they are memorizing it because I am tricking them.  My favorite part of the day is when they yell, “and I love the rain!” at me.

Weekends are great!  Last night we had a party for my brother, Dan, and his new fiance Amy.  We are so happy that he finally found a wonderful person.  I just hope I didn’t reveal too much of my brother’s past to his future in-laws.  They looked a little shocked when I said, “Remember when you got that cat high?”  Actually, my mom looked a little shocked too.  Hmmmmm… I thought she knew about that one.  My brothers were both wild at one time.  But they are both “real” men now, and I am both humbled and honored to call them my brothers. 


(pic by Paul)

Now the thing I am looking forward to most this summer besides the birth of Baby #2 on June 23! is going to Dan and Amy’s wedding on July 18th! with a three week old in tow.  I love weddings.  Plus Kyle, Anna, Wes and Landen HAVE to come to the wedding so it’s going to be a great, big party.

Let’s back up a bit to something I didn’t have time to blog about last weekend.  It was Paul and I’s first weekend away since Eli came.  We aren’t much for overnight trips that don’t involve a tent.  We are cheap and I would much rather sleep in my own bed.  We decided to take a trip because we know that when Baby #2 arrives we won’t be going anywhere alone for a long time.  We went up to Mt. Ranier to go snowshoeing for 2 days.  We really wore ourselves out but it was wonderful.  We felt like God was really smiling down on us.  I don’t think I saw one cloud the entire time! 


There’s my mountain man.  This is at Paradise the first day.


Probably not the best place to be walking.  We were given bad directions.


That’s 18 weeks to you!  It will be the last time I go snowshoeing this winter because it will be the last time my snowclothes will fit.  I’m trying to win a contest.  Hopefully, we will find out the sex of our baby on Feb. 5th. 

Elias is sitting on my lap right now with a slimy “na-na” (banana) and a slimy face.  He’s sick.  And he just slimed ME.  He went poop in the potty this week.  We weren’t really intending to potty train yet, but he is ready.  He’s forcing us.  Could it be possible that he would be out of diapers by the time #2 arrives?  It’s too wonderful for me to think about. 

On tap this weekend:  Gramy and Pop pop and and Rebecca from PDX come for the afternoon, church business meeting and potluck and Eli’s slime covering most of the house and our clothes.  Have a happy Saturday.


4 responses to “And I love the rain… and weddings… and mountains…

  1. That picture is awesome Annie. I hope you win the BOB.

  2. Like the picture. A mo sure makes a difference, LOL. I didn’t really see any others like that although there were some of women in the snow, but they looked like they could have just stepped out of the car or something. If they realize where you were and what it took to get there….

    Also like the picture of Dan and Amy.

    That’s cool that he seems to want to become potty trained. Hope it goes well.

  3. I checked out the contest entires as well and think you have a good shot at winning that stroller. Who goes snow-shoeing pregnant? You are awesome.

    The pictures are fabulous as usual. Paradise look out (near the lodge) is where Jeff proposed. Good memories there.

  4. Oh my goodness!!! These mountain pics are GORGEOUS! You couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day. Wow. Stunning. And looking HOT at 18 weeks, my friend! 😉 I don’t think I’ve actually said “congratulations” yet either. So, “congratulations!!!” 🙂 I’ve only got 2-1/2 more weeks to go (approx. :-/) until we meet #2 . . . and I am sooooooo ready!

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