The Shed…

Being the teacher in a small school means you have to do it all.  It’s actually one of the highlights of my job.  Counting support staff, there are only seven paid employees at our school (not including our wonderful volunteers – who keep our school running).  There’s no principal or superintendent really, only a head teacher (let’s face it – someone has to be in charge).  There are many, many traditions that I have yet to learn. 

Fastforward to yesterday (that’s an oxymoron!).  Imagine a smallish metal freestanding building.  It is the place where we banish all old desks, leftover craft supplies, and anything that we don’t have room for in our small school with very little storage.  It’s also home to mice,  though most that we found were frozen or dead.  The task = clean and organize THE SHED.  We made a fire and burned papers, tests, boxes.  It was great!  And we *gasp* threw away text books.  We found attendance records from 1959. 

That’s all I have to say about it – but – here is an interesting fact for you.  It’s the law that you have to keep permanent student records for, are you ready? 100 years.  I dare you to call your elementary school and ask for a copy of your student records.


One response to “The Shed…

  1. Interesting you should mention the storage of student records requirements since it was just in the news yesterday or the day before that the student records of that pilot who guided the plane in NY to a safe crash landing in the Hudson River’s student records were accidentally released by his elementary school. They were 50 yr old records! And they commented that they were required to keep them.

    Of course now they are investigating how they were released since they aren’t supposed to be. Something was said about they were looking at the picture and I don’t know maybe the records got copied also?

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