I decorate like a kindergartener…

While I was cleaning out the shed I came upon a few treasures: chair with no back and some old rain gutters.  When I told Paul my decorating plans he turned up his nose at them.

me: You decorate like a grandma.  (this is partly true, he likes everything to have one theme and doesn’t take risks)

him: You decorate like a kindergartener.  (also very true, ecclectic, multi-themed, risk taker)

What do you think about rain gutter bookshelves?

(no harsh words were exchanged, we are mature enough to kid around like this without taking offense … most of the time)


One response to “I decorate like a kindergartener…

  1. After reading the link, wow. That’s awesome that they can get kids more interested in reading by simply displaying the books with the covers showing.

    I had just read something about a survey of teenagers and their reading habits which were pretty much non-existent. And they were talking about incorporating reading with computer games to get them interested in reading. So sad if today’s kids aren’t growing up knowing the joys of reading.

    But before clicking on the link, I was sort of like, huh, it sounded kind of bizarre and I didn’t get the picture at all.

    I’ll try to remember to pass that link on to teachers I k now and maybe the school at our church.

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