In which I complain about having no blueberries…

I think I am nesting.  I also think it’s a little too early for that.  Maybe it’s because I had Thursday and Friday off from school and have had waaaay too much time on my hands.  I rearanged Eli’s room and set up his big boy bed, which we found by the dumpster in our old apartment complex.  Does that make us freegans? 

I mainly just wanted to know if his crib mattress would fit into it.  So now the toddler bed frame is set up, nothing in his room is in the same place it was before … and he refuses to sleep.  He is such a creature of habit.  Even now… he wails out to me (mama, maaaamaaaa) over the baby monitor, I reach over and turn it off.  Heartless.  Mama needs a break.

On a completely different subject:  There comes a time in the dead middle of winter when winter food just is NOT cutting it for you any more.  You all know the feeling.  What I wouldn’t give to go out to our garden and pick some fresh vegis right now.  Our stash of 35 lbs. of frozen blueberries lasted only until November this year.  Note to self:  next year. 50 pounds. Don’t be such a pig.  We have a toddler who loves “blues” and we were happy to feed him this healthy snack.  We also had a pregnant woman who craves sweet tarts, thai food, and blueberries.  So, alas, all our summer bounty preserves have dried up.  We didn’t have time to can anything in the midst of the move.  For next summer I have big plans.  We will not be craving that freshness at this time next year! 

The 2006 garden in all it’s glory.  My husband is such a perfectionist.


On a more postitive note:  I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed all the snow.  I did not get tired of it, annoyed by it or scared of it.  You have no idea how sick I was of seeing facebook status updates complaining about the snow.  Since when was it a huge punishment to stay home and hang out with your family?  Now, if you were stuck some other place besides home, then you have my permission to complain.  If you were a college kid stuck home with your parents, yes, you can complain.  If you are complaining because you can’t shop, I have no sympathy for you.

Recently, we’ve had some pretty major flooding around here (hence the school closure).  We live a good 15 minutes from anywhere that floods so we took a little drive yesterday to survey the damage.  I-5 was closed so there we truck lined up for a good mile at one exit, just waiting for the freeway to reopen. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of random news.  If I lost you in the first paragraph, that’s OK with me.  It’s been theraputic and a good way to ignore a crying toddler. 


5 responses to “In which I complain about having no blueberries…

  1. Loved the randomness. I am such a hoarder of summer produce. We suffer and I have it all waiting, patiently in jars. Gasp, I even end up with some leftover sometimes by the beginning of summer. I need to be more greedy.
    PS Emma can’t sleep either when I rearrange her room. I totally understand. 🙂

  2. I have to say I totally agree with you about the snow. I am a homebody and loved it.
    I am carefully rationing out our frozen berries and canned fruits, too. I thought I did soooo much applesauce but now I am down to a couple jars! Note to self: there is no such thing as too much applesauce. 🙂

  3. He finally did fall asleep after an hour of complaining. It must be a firstborn thing!!!

    You are right Lindsay!! I put applesauce on everything, even ice cream.

  4. In So CA we do have fresh produce available during the winter or frozen if I haven’t bought any fresh. But preparing to move sure can mess up gardening. No point planting vegetables when you are going to likely be moving before they are harvested.

    but I’m thinking that even before I get all moved into the new place that maybe I can plant some kale and maybe some other vegetables, and chard later.

    As far as the snow, it was fun, but i did get tired of it after awhile. And we weren’t quite sure whether we would be able to get up there to WA to visit Paul and Annie for Christmas but we made it and only got stuck 3 times on the way, the first time just getting out of the driveway, LOL.

  5. annie, i am sorry your blue berry stores have run dry… that’s along time to have to wait!!! i have to agree with you in that i/we loved the snow too. i will admit that it took me a day or so to settle in, but once i did, i loved having that extra time with my kids. christmas was so peaceful. and… i save a bunch of money when i didn’t have the opportunity to go out and buy all those last minute gifts that you think others need or will want when they really don’t need or want. on the flip side i spend a few sleepless nights sewing my boys a few things to make up for presents that could not be bought or that couldn’t get thru in the mail. i told tim after christmas that next year we need to re create the snow so that we can have the same great experiences next year. hope the nights go better soon. abby

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