Digital Converter Box…who needs it?

We own a really old TV.  One time, before Paul and I were even married, his room mate moved out and left his TV.  Such is the TV we own.  It’s not fancy.  We own very few movies and check out DVD’s for Eli from the library.  Since we rent them from the library he is a few years behind.  You thought Bob the Builder was hot right now?  Wrong.  Apparently Handy Manny or Handy Mandy or something like that has replaced him.  Eli doesn’t notice.  Bob is the epitome of manliness (besides Paul) in his eyes.

I guess I’m trying to make a point.  And that point is that we spend VERY little on entertainment.  We simply don’t have much money to spend on it.  I don’t think I would ever actually pay real money for a TV.  We spend 10$ a month on Netflix.  So when this whole thing about a converter box came up, it got me thinking, “What if we didn’t get one?” 

But, you say, then you couldn’t watch TV.  I think that’s exactly my point.  I watch less and less TV these days.  Rather, I enjoy watching something (anything, movies, seasons of a show rented from netflix) on my own time.  There are two reasons why:

1.  No commercials.  Try an experiment:  Don’t watch TV for a month.  At the end of the month, watch TV for about 5 minutes.  See if the commercials aren’t 100 times as annoying as before.  It’s all conditioning people – conditioning!

2.  I don’t have to be tied down to 8 pm Pacific Standard East West Coast Time.  I can watch it whenever I want.

But what about the news?  Don’t you want to know what’s going on in the world?  That’s another good experiment:  Try not watching the news for a month.  I bet you would know the same amount of information about the world, you would just know the most important parts.  Most TV news is not relevant or important, just interesting (in a salacious or horrifying way).  I really don’t want to know what the latest thing is that scientist think may possibly, probably, maybe, not really cause cancer or who got busted for hoarding cats.  I’m a big fan of NPR (though I think they lean terribly left) and certain news websites.  Don’t be mistaken – everyone is SELLING news.

What about sports?  If you knew us that would be a really funny question. 

What about your hubby?  Also really funny.  I don’t think I have ever met someone who cared less about TV.  I have to MAKE him watch movies (he usually enjoys them though).  The only reason we have a TV, besides it being free, is because of me.  Pre-Elias I did have my TV rituals.

Don’t be mistaken.  I do not think I am better than the general population because of my disinterest in TV.  I watched every single episode of Northern Exposure this past summer.  When I have time, I have been know to drown myself in a series or movie.  It’s relaxing…sometimes refreshing.  I think I am learning to be more picky about what I consume.  There is a big temptation to turn on the TV just to tune out, or out of habit or addiction.  This  is what I am trying to avoid by saying NO to the digital converter box. 

Wow, that was a little longer than I set out for it to be.  By the way, on this the eve of the first day of school after break it is snowing, blowing and howling outside.  As fate would have it.  I’ve had a really nice Christmas Break and will miss being home with my little man and my big man.  Stay warm!


4 responses to “Digital Converter Box…who needs it?

  1. We got rid of our TV a while ago. It’s nice living without the distraction, the commercials, and the sensationalistic news stories. We rent movies from the library or Netflix and watch them on the computer. Matt and I have a favorite show or two that we can watch online. Our evenings are much quieter. We talk and read more than we used to. And we no longer stay up ridiculously late. 🙂

  2. I am with you! I find myself less and less interested in media entertainment. We got the digital converter box and it doesn’t work AT ALL where we live. The experts say that the digital signal will increase in Feb, but I don’t think I will care much if it doesn’t work then either. We have Netflix and the library and we are just fine.

  3. This conversion is poorly planned and badly timed. The conversion boxes weren’t even manufactured in the US although they appear to be marketed by US companies. We live in an apartment complex that gets poor analog reception. We bought the conversion box and were not able to get any signal at all. Putting up an roof antenna (prices in the area start at $75) is not an option because of price and the fact that we don’t own the place we live. We cannot afford to buy a new digital TV. We had been seriously considering giving up televison for some time and will be doing so on DTV day. We can still watch tapes on the VCR and digital movies on the computer. Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I think it’s only a matter of time until the government figures out how to tax internet use or ban phone land lines. We gave up our car when we could no longer afford it, are giving up TV and will give up the phone if we’re forced to cell use or some other alternative that requires purchasing new equipment or signing up for a contract. You can only get so much blood out of a stone and there are a lot of us stones out here now.

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