Meet Blessing #2!


Here is Robinson #2!  Isn’t he/she the cutest?  I sure think so.


Talk to the hand! (this is a pretty good pic of the arm/ hand)


Here is a good one of the leg and foot.

Everyone asks me when I am due and the short answer is – I don’t know yet.  Sometime in June.  I go for a more detailed ultrasound next week and then I will know for sure.  Yes, I feel great.  Unfortunately, the nausea / tiredness comes at the time when you can’t complain about it to anyone because you are keeping it a secret. 

Merry Christmas!


9 responses to “Meet Blessing #2!

  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. Yay! Congratulations, Annie!

  3. Wow, this is what we get for waiting so long between visits with you guys. Great, great news! Congratulations!!!

  4. Congratulations to your precious family! We are excited for you. Eli will be such a wonderful big brother. What a special season to find yourself blessed by a baby!

  5. Such wonderful news! I’m so excited for you all!

  6. congratulations annie. how exciting. i am sure eli will be very excited to be a big brother…

    merry christmas,

  7. Annie, I only know you thru Alysun, but I couldn’t resist posting a comment to this exciting news! Congratulations! Babies are the best!!!

  8. Hooray! Blessing #2 is most definitely the cutest 🙂 I’m thrilled for you!

  9. Congratulations on #2!

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