Thankful Friday…

Here are some of my favorite things about the weather recently.  We have seven inches of snow on the ground and today was beautifully sunny and very cold. 

1.  Though we’ve been out of school for the past three days the school play went on as planned due to overwhelming parent request.  Everyone showed up and made the effort to get there despite icy roads. 

2.  We’ve been meeting new neighbors, as everyone is out shoveling thier driveways today.  Paul was asked to be in a barbershop singing group by one of them.  He’s not considering it, by the way.

3.  We delivered Christmas gifts from our church.  One house was just down the road so we pulled Eli in the sled down the road with our Christmas gift.

4.  We decided to go to Walmart today because there is another 6 to 10 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow.  Everyone else had the same idea.  Even though it took me literally half an hour to get through the checkout line I saw many people I knew and had some great conversations.

5.  Walking in the dark down my parents driveway (it’s steep so we park at the top) for turkey soup.

It has really been an adventure around here.  I’ll keep you posted about the “blizzard” supposedly coming tomorrow.

One response to “Thankful Friday…

  1. It looks like you guys are having all the fun. We have just a couple inches of snow left and it is melting as we speak. Rain is predicted for our elevation through Christmas. 😦
    I love the snow too, but am not willing to make the drive north to find it I guess.

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