It’s underway folks!  My radio is now permanently tuned the the all Christmas station.  I’ve addressed my Christmas cards.  The turkey soup has been made and half-eaten.  Christmas is here.  I am itching to go to school on Monday and take out my Christmas box.


This may be one of my all time favorite pictures.  He loves meat, as you can plainly see.  The Robinson’s and the Tupper’s celebrated together this year.  We had brunch together with the Robinson’s at our house then headed to my parents house for the big feast.  Grandma Barb came bearing the gift of a baby doll for Eli.  “Baby” and Eli go everywhere together now.  They sleep together, eat together, he puts baby down for nigh-nigh, kisses and hugs and feeds it.  He’s going to be a great daddy someday.

On Black Friday we did something we actually have never done before – go shopping!  We didn’t get up at 4 or 5, no it was more like 2pm.  We got some pretty good deals but the highlight of our trip was Cabellas.  Since Cabella’s came to Olympia more than a year ago, it’s all anyone can talk about.  Paul and I had never been and thus felt like outsiders in many conversations.  It was quite impressive, think REI only a lot less goretex and way more flannel and guns.  This is Eli’s new favorite store, owing to the impressive amounts of stuffed game (even elephants) and fish.  Actually, never mind, it’s nothing like REI.

I found something at Cabellas that I have been looking for for many years.  A long time ago I had a certain pair of slippers that I loved.  I wore them until they were too holey to be decent.  Since then I have been searching for a pair that would match them in comfort.  I finally found them.  I am pretty opinionated about slippers. 

SLIPPERS ARE NOT SHOES – and thus should not have any type of sole.  They should feel like socks.  I finally found some slippers that are leather bottomed!  I think you can tell this is quite a relief for me.  Fortunately it is a long weekend so that I can wear them for a larger percentage of time.  Maybe I’ll post a picture of them.

I will leave you with a recap of our weekend:


Brunch at our house.  Paul made his specialty, crepes.


Feast at Tupper home.


One response to “Thanksgiving

  1. LOVE that first picture. You always have such great pictures on your blog (nice work, Paul).

    We also enjoy the Cabellas in Oly. We think it is better than the zoo for entertainment and it is free, unless you buy something. My dad highly recommends the Bison Burger.

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