There’s drool on my desk…

I find as I sit down to write this post that SOMEone has drooled on my desk.  I wonder who it could be?  Just a few random thoughts will make up this post.  The first one is that I seem to have less time for blogging at the moment – not because I am crazy busy but just because the flow of my days have not allowed for it yet.  Actually my days are just filled with different, good things and so far I haven’t made a regular time for blogging.  I never make myself sit down and blog.  I operate under the principle that it should be fun and life giving – not draining.  Don’t we all have too many draining things in our lives already?

I got the book “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” for my birthday and tonight I made the first batch of dough.  I will have to wait until tomorrow to cook it and hope to give you a full report.  Imagine my delight (go ahead – IMAGINE it) when I found out the book has it’s very own blog with even more recipes for me to try.

I had to leave my kindergarteners alone in a room for a moment to go get something.  It’s very important to them that they behave well when I am gone and they are quick to rat out anyone that falls out of line.  When I returned they all had very sober faces, pointing thier stubby little fingers to a boy who obviously didn’t know what he had done.  Apparently he had said TWO bad words whilst I was out of the room – hate and stupid (or was it shut up? – I can’t remember).  Kindergarteners are so funny.

Next week at school we will make apple cider with my Dad’s cider press.  Everyone will bring apples from thier trees at home.  We celebrated Paul’s birthday with a picnic lunch packed up a logging road to see the sunset and a candy bar bought at the country store down the road. 

There.  Life.  I told you it would be disorderly.


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