Olymia, Washington…

Yesterday we went to Olympia – without Eli or a plan of any kind.  I think those are the best kind of days – the no plan part not the no kid part.  Anyway, we tried out Caffe Vita.  It reminds us of Stumptown.  You know you are sure to get good coffee when the baristas and unaffected and aloof!  Also, we stumbled upon a CLOTH DIAPERING STORE.  Check this girl out – Simple Cloth.  We will definitely be there next time we need to go up a size.  We went to the Olympia Farmers Market, and laughed at the people buying zucchini for 2$ a pound.  Also the yummy Alaskan Salmon.  It is one of the best farmers markets I know of.  For lunch we went to the Bread Peddler.  Roast beef and bleu cheese on foccacia with chocolate orange cake for dessert.  We really spoiled ourselves.  Check these places out next time you are in downtown Oly.


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