In the works…

I’ve started many posts in my mind lately.  Funny things that have happened or caused me to think:

1.  Eli eating (those two words right there should be enough to make your ears perk up) black beans from my nachos today.  Each time I would put another black bean on his tray he would spit the one in his mouth out so he could put a new one in.  We were cracking up.

2.  Going to IKEA to get some picture frames for mother’s day and finding that they sell decorative sticks.  DECORATIVE STICKS!  For heavens sake people – go out and collect your own.  What has happened to our hunter / gatherer instinct?  Please do not buy sticks.

3.  Finding that I like split pea soup after accusing my mother and father of “forcing” me to eat it when I was young. 

4.  Getting breakfast in bed (a latte and oatmeal) on Mother’s Day.  Everyone was so nice to me.  People even congratulated me in the grocery store.  No one told Eli that it was Mother’s Day – because he didn’t seem to want to stay in the nursery and let me enjoy church.

5.  Enjoying MOPS today.  We had a mentor moms forum and they reminded me of this poem:

“So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust, go to sleep.

I’m rocking my baby, and babies don’t keep.”

-Ruth Hulburt Hamilton

It was humbling to hear the older women exhort us to enjoy this precious time with our babies.

6.  Making plans to visit with my nephews soon (oh yeah, and Anna and Kyle too).  My first plane trip with Eli.


3 responses to “In the works…

  1. Love, love that poem. I’ve heard it before, but it was good to read it again.

    Thanks for the update. I agree, no buying sticks even if they are IKEA sticks.

  2. DECORATIVE STICKS aint Capitalism grand.

  3. I want some decorative sticks at Ikea to decorate my new place. Will you invite me the next time you go there. 🙂

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