11:17 am …

Our lives changed forever.  Today I am thinking about many different things:

1.  My boy is officially a toddler.  Tears come to my eyes when I think about it!  His new stages are fun and we are enjoying them.

2.  I am remembering the birth experience.  For a long, long time after his birth I would try to remember every single detail of how it felt and how it all went down.  Almost to the point of obsession.  I would ask Paul to describe it in detail.  I never, ever wanted to forget the feeling or events.  It seemed strange to me because why would your want to remember such a painful experience?  Yet I had such a fascination with it.  I still don’t exactly know why, but I know that it was not just Eli that was born that day – a mother was born too.  I am such a huge advocate of natural childbirth now.  I would never want to go through a birth not feel every single part of it – the process is so important.  I can’t even tell you why the process is important – it just is – for me.

3.  I’m thinking about what I’ve learned this year.  Lot’s of things – but most of all patience and acceptance.  I expected training a child to be a one step process and I’ve learned to accept Eli’s developmental stages and not be hard on myself when he doesn’t act the way I think he should.  I’ve also learned to dismiss other people criticism of my parenting – real or percieved – and be less critical of others.  When I take other criticism personally I am more critical of my child.  I’ve also learned not to believe everything I hear.

As I write this it is 11:24 am.  One year down, 17 more to go…


2 responses to “11:17 am …

  1. Isn’t it amazing!? I am still blown away at times that God allowed us to be parents. Wow. And now we are no longer the parents of a baby . . . but of a toddler!! In another month, Ethan will be 1-1/2. I can’t believe it. He walks, talks, feeds himself (most things, anyway) and is becoming more and more independent every day.

    I remember that day an “eternity” ago too . . . I, unfortunately, due to a day & a half of “back labor” and still only being dialated to 2cm, went for the epidural. :-/ But I understand what you mean about remembering every moment. And I do. 😉 It was the scariest, most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing you at Cheryl’s wedding, my friend!! It’s been great catching up with you via your blog. 🙂

  2. Motherhood is the most amazing experience. I started tearing up listening to this song on the radio the other day. Something about not wishing it would pass quickly because one day you’ll miss it all. 🙂

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