Getting this kid to eat…

Eli has never been an eater.  He didn’t master pureed foods until was a full 8 months old (and I use the term “master” loosely).  About a month ago he got sick and quit eating completely for a few days and since then he has refused all but breastmilk, formula, bananas, yogurt and biter biscuits.  My new plan is to make smoothies (he does like these because they usually have bananas in them) and introduce pureed vegetables into the smoothies a little bit at a time.  Here are a few videos of things we’ve tried that he doesn’t like.  Soon I will post some videos of things he does like eating (wintogreen lifesavers and ice cream – not things we normally feed him).  I have gone back and forth on how stressed I should be that he’s not eating – and I have decided to not care right now.  Later on, when I can reason with him a little more, I will make him eat the foods he doesn’t like, but right now it’s a lost cause.  It’s just that there is so much that he doesn’t like! 


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