Why I don’t like lasagna anymore…

On Saturday I was poisoned by food.  Food poisoning … that is.  There is something about seeing your dinner after it has left your stomach that makes you never want to eat that food again.  I once knew someone who could not eat blueberries for this very reason.  Lasagna used to be one of my favorite foods.  By the way, I don’t think it was the lasagna that poisoned me, I think it was a sample of turkey kielbasa that I ate at Trader Joe’s.  By Sunday I was better, but Paul had to stay home with me Monday and Tuesday to help me take care of Eli.  I have to say, it’s great to be back in the land of the living.  Surprisingly, I missed not being able to take care of and respond to Eli.  Paul was wonderful.  He has a totally different approach to running a household.  He sat down and wrote a schedule first thing every morning and proceded to follow it like a good construction superintendant should.  I think he is glad to be back at work today. 


3 responses to “Why I don’t like lasagna anymore…

  1. Food poisoning is so horrible. Many years ago, a whole bunch of us got food poisoning at the camp where I worked. As our bodies rebelled against the “poison”, bathrooms were in hot demand.
    I am glad you have such a capable husband. I love that you put, “A different way of managing the household.” Some women nag on their husbands because they do things differently. I’m with you and all for encouraging any help I can get. 🙂

  2. Bummer. I can’t eat ham for the same reason. And Paul gets the awesome husband award of the week!

  3. I have food poisoning a few times a year, usually when leaving on long road trips. 😛

    If you ever want to give lasagna another try, we had this awesome recipe last night. It’s a carrot lasagna with a cream sauce. Yum! Matt had three helpings and Dominic requested it for breakfast this morning.

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