highlights of the weekend…

hot tubbing


paul discovering sudoku

walking mt. tabor in the hail

and this …



4 responses to “highlights of the weekend…

  1. Boy, Elias looks so big!

    And I’m intrigued by the picture. I see Starbucks cups but that sure doesn’t look like most Starbuck’s I’ve seen. And I see the snow outside. I thought Portland just got some snow but then mixed with rain. Or maybe it snowed more after we talked to Rebecca.

  2. Kathi,
    This is at Doernbecker (sp?) Children’s Hospital. They have a beautiful facility and a starbucks in the lobby with a few toys for kids to play with. It’s also on a hill so there was more snow. They also have a skybridge and a ariel tram. But I couldn’t get Paul to venture far enough into the hospital to visit either of them.

  3. Wow. Sounds interesting. I hope you were just there for the scenery or the Starbucks.

    I think that hospital may have been the one mentioned on Home Makeover Extreme edition or whatever its called on Sunday night. They built a home for the family of a little girl who it turned out was dying of cancer and they mentioned the hospital since even in her pain she reached out to other kids and started something to give stuffed animals to other hurting kids. So the show paid a visit to the hospital and gave out stuffed animals to the kids.

  4. And what I should have said to start with,
    classic Father-son picture. Like Father, like Son.

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