note to the grocery shopping public…

If you happen to be in the checkout line and see a crying baby, do not offer food of any kind to said baby.  Furthermore, when it’s mother politely refuses said food, do not roll your eyes at the cashier.  The mother might just go ballistic on you.


7 responses to “note to the grocery shopping public…

  1. What did she try to feed Eli? Its always amazing what people will do. I thought of a cake idea, take a bunt cake (I think that is what is called ) bake and then cake it in two and slide the top over to look like a centipede then frost it all cute. I think the cake is more for the family at the 1st birthday my boys didn’t like their cakes, being that it was their first introduction to sugar it was not a big hit.

  2. Some people are so unbelievable! Wow. Did you say anything to her?

  3. Wow. I suppose she thought she was helping, but that’s rather intrusive, not to mention potentially dangerous in this day and age, although maybe not so much in the grocery line.

    I’m assuming that was a stranger. wow.

    And I think of all the underlying messages that could be conveyed as though you aren’t capable of tending to your own baby. Or maybe she can’t deal with the fact that babies cry sometimes in public, especially if tired.

    And her rolling her eyes? Sounds more like you would have been entitled to do that than her!

  4. The conversation went like this:

    Woman sees that Eli is crying.
    “Here, he can have a string cheese!” She starts to take one out of her bag.
    “Oh, thanks but he doesn’t eat that yet.” – me
    “Why?” incredulous and somewhat offended look on her face.
    “Well, he’s only nine months old.” I didn’t say this in a snotty way, but you could easily mistake my child for more than a year old, he’s pretty tall.
    “Well, my son was eating it (string cheese) at 6.” I assume here she meant 6 months. Anyways, after that she was very huffy and rolled her eyes at the clerk. She also mumbled something to the clerk but I couldn’t really understand. I think she said, “amazing isn’t it?” As if anyone has the right to turn down string cheese.
    Thanks for the comments. Yesterday was kind of a bad day at the grocery store. There was a lady in line behind me and as I was putting my groceries on the rolling thing (?) she was literally standing about a foot away from Eli who was in the cart. She went out of her way to get as close as she could. I just put my things on the rolling thing (?) as fast as I could and moved him. Next time I’ll just put him in the backpack.

  5. Oh, I love the centipede idea!!!!

  6. Sorry you had the encounters with the clueless. Too bad that woman doesn’t realize that it doesn’t matter what her son was doing since Eli isn’t her son.

    I wonder if she is the kind of mother that can’t stand crying so immediately has to give him something to stop it without regard to whether he is actually hungry or not? Or whether giving him something to eat every time he cries is even
    good for him?

    Hope you had a nice dinner with Rebecca.

  7. Oh, and that’s a talented son you have I guess. My cell phone rang and it showed that it was Rebecca. But then I thought I hit the wrong button to disconnect. But when I called back she said that Eli had called! Precocious kid you have their who can already make phone calls.

    Actually she said he was playing with her phone and since I had called her earlier he must have hit the button to bring up the last call and then the one to dial–I guess. Then we even got to talk to him although he didn’t talk back to us this time. He was probably wondering who those people were who were talking to him, LOL.

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