the end of the month…

I have not always been the best at keeping a grocery budget.  Being a stay at home mom has spurred me to increase my efforts in this area.  I’ve gotten much better at it, and sometimes the rewards have been unexpected.  Less trips to the grocery store has meant less stress for me.  No scrambling at the last minute for dinner has left me with more time for myself.  The most unexpected reward for me has been what I call “the end of the month purge”.  For me, by the end of the month I have used up my grocery money or have very little left and I look to my pantry and get creative.  What kind of tasty dessert can I make with that coconut that I bought in the fall and the peaches in the freezer from the summer?  How about that soup we have been avoiding?  Pair it with some grilled cheese sandwiches and viola – dinner!  The end of the month purges keep the freezer and pantry clutter down.  I never expected to enjoy this time of sparseness, but I do.


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