Apron Strings

“Cooking is 80% confidence, a skill best acquired from when the apron strings wrap around you twice.”

-Barbara Kingsolver

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

Did you spend much time in the kitchen growing up?  Paul has said that he never really learned to enjoy food until he met me.  Not the eating of it, but the creativity of it.  I still enjoy food.  Every person has thier thing – for some it’s the casserole, the pie, the cake.  My mom makes cookies – chocolate chip to be sure.  My dad makes breakfast.  I make pies.  My brother makes pretty much everything.  Paul enjoys it all. 

I was a late bloomer to cooking.  My college calories consisted of waffles, sandwiches and frozen pizzas.  Somehow when I got married having someone to cook FOR made a difference.  Both my friend Letha and my husband Paul claim that they taught me everything I know about cooking.  In reality there have been many influences.  My friend Sarah never owned a mixer yet constantly amazed me with her baking (especially with gormet pizzas in rooftop apartments).  My grandma canned and preserved to her frugal heart’s delight, capturing the freshness of summer every year.  Kara has never met a vegetable she didn’t like.  I like finding out about my husbands culinary history too.  This Christmas we made Pfeffernuise, a cookie that his Dutch grandma used to make.

I love thinking about this.  Will my kids be just as mesmerized by warm homemade playdough as I am?  What will they take from me when they untie the apron strings?

What have been you influences?


4 responses to “Apron Strings

  1. I am only now starting to discover the fun and joy of cooking. It always seemed like a chore in the past but now I’m enjoying the adventure of menu planning and creating. I think it started when I baked my first apple pie this past fall and my husband fell all over himself with compliments for me. I never knew I could please him (or anyone else) in that way! It’s fun!

  2. Jeana,
    would you like to join “food love”? It’s a food blog made up of mostly young mothers like you and I. I wish I posted more often on it and I’m trying to do more. I’ll send you an invite.

  3. Sure! I’d like that–thanks for thinking of it.

  4. Yes, we need more contributors to Food Love.
    Your cooking is what I first remember about you. Jeff and I got lost on our way to your place in Portland and we were at least 1/2 an hour late. When we arrived, both you and Paul were so understanding and nice. You pulled a hot, delicious dinner out of your closet of a kitchen and I was amazed. Food is a great bonder of friends!

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