Encounter with a wet emu…


Many livestock have been displaced in the flood.  My Dad sent me the picture of an emu that met him casually on the road yesterday as he was out surveying the damage.  It pecked on the window as if to say, “I don’t know where I am, please help me.”  My dad thought about opening the door for him, but what would one do with a wet emu?


4 responses to “Encounter with a wet emu…

  1. You ought to send that in to Readers Digest life in these United States or something!

  2. Or your Dad should send it to one of the local or other news outlets. I know our local ones are always looking for stuff and that is sure out of the ordinary!

  3. That is both funny and sad. Hope the poor bird finds his way home!

  4. What you could not see in the picture was 2 county employees trying to determine what to do with the wayward emu. There is a fine line between helping out a lost animal and stealing. I would not want to add emu wrestling to my life accomplishments.

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