Washed up and washed out…

Picture: http://www.chronline.com

Remember this (see December16th, 2006)?  Last year I wrote about a powerful windstorm that tore the roof off our school, resulting in extensive water damage.  To add insult to injury, a recent storm has flooded most of the town.  I don’t know how the school fared, but I’m praying well.  I feel a little powerless, as do most people there I think, as no one can get anywhere to help.  I-5 is underwater, as are most side roads.  If Paul and I had been living in our old house, we would have been landlocked for a few days.  This is the most powerful flood in years, even more powerful than the 1996 flood, and I’m not sure what the effect will be on it’s weak, albeit rising economy.  Just this last Thanksgiving break when I was there I noticed that a few of my favorite small businesses in town (a small clothing store and a coffee shop) were thriving, and it made me happy.  I was reading the local newspaper online and I read a story about a former student’s family being rescued by boat and taken to a shelter, their house was literally swept away in the rushing waters.  Last year after the terrible windstorm I visited him at his house, he showed me his bearded dragon, which I refused to touch.  It made him giggle.  The above picture was taken on a freeway overpass less than 5 blocks from my childhood home.

Here in PDX we saw a lot of rain but no major problems.  Reading through my account of last year’s windstorm made me grateful for all the things I have.  Paul and I have dealt with, and a still dealing with, some tough issues right now.  But we have a healthy son, a healthy marriage, food and shelter.  This year we changed addresses and learned how to be parents for the first time.  We struggle with God’s purpose for us right now.  But really, what are those things in comparison with health and physical safety?  Here is an excerpt from last year’s post:

 “But besides the heat and the running water, what do I miss most? I’d have to say it would be the lights on my Christmas tree. I’d have to say it would be seeing my kids sing in their Christmas concert that they practiced so hard for. I’d have to say it would be having a safe place to work and teach. What do I love? I love the way our small community pulled together to help each other out. I love how I feel grateful for everything I have this Christmas season. I love how I’m not stressing out about having the most tasty appetizer at the next Christmas party. Things that seemed like a big deal on Monday are unimportant right now, and I am looking forward to celebrating Jesus with the people I care about with a very….grateful….heart.”


3 responses to “Washed up and washed out…

  1. WOW! I saw the pictures on King5 news and I can’t believe all that damage. I have only been gone a year but I can still remember WA very well, and it was sad to see the super Walmart underwater like that. Kentucky hasn’t had bad weather yet, i’ll keep my fingers crossed because the snow and ice seasons is here and I dread it. 😦

  2. Joel’s grandma lives right outside Centralia and unfortunately her house was flooded this week. Luckily they are all well however after living in their house for over 50yrs the damage is unimaginable!!

  3. We have friends in that area, too. Thankfully, there has been no damage to their houses, but without power, heat, or even access to a grocery store, I know they are still struggling. It makes the “always winter” of Narnia become very real and very grim.

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