I’m a flybaby…

Have you ever heard of flylady?  I hadn’t either.  I’m not a naturally organized person like my husband.  If I don’t have a plan for the day, I walk around my house in circles, never accomplishing one thing.  I discovered flylady a few weeks ago.  Now, I have to warn you, flylady is a bit cheesy sometimes.  Flylady goes a bit overboard sometimes.  That said, I think flylady is changing my life.  OK, well, at least the way I go about my day.  I am finding that I get more done.  I have more time for myself.  I am not as stressed.  I can go to bed on time. 

Flylady is a bit hard to describe.  Flying (finally loving yourself) is a step by step process that starts with baby steps.  I started by shining my sink every day.  Once I had that down I added getting dressed to shoes (how many of you stay at home moms out there take a shower and call it good until you have to leave the house, then you have to go fix yourself before you leave, wasting time).  Next I added a swish and swipe of my bathroom (wiping off counter, putting everything away and swishing the toilet).  I didn’t follow all of the flylady’s steps, just the ones I felt I needed.  I decided to write out a daily routine of things that needed to happen every day.  It’s not hard to follow, there are no strict timelines and if I feel it doesn’t need to be done – ha – I don’t do it.  I’ve also started menu planning and following a strict food budget (because I like to cook, I can go overboard in this area).

One thing I have learned from the flylady is that you can do anything in 15 minutes.  If I have a mission for the day or something I feel really needs to be done (today it was wiping out the inside of the fridge) I set the timer for 15 minutes and do it.  Most of the time I am done in 15 minutes and then I can rest. 

I don’t know, maybe you have things figured out.  I need help.  Thanks flylady.


One response to “I’m a flybaby…

  1. Wow. Didn’t realize that you needed to know about FlyLady. I was told about her a couple of years ago or so. Good stuff, but I’m still struggling to implement the good suggestions that she has.

    I recently got the little timer that she has for timing those 15 min cleaning, organizing or whatever times. Its also useful to remind me to turn the water off, check the dryer, get off the computer, etc as well as doing the small increments of organizing and decluttering.

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