The great diaper bag dilemna…

So I have a problem with my current diaper bag situation.  The main problem is that I am carrying too much around with me.  As a pregnant woman, is was under the dangerous notion that I could keep carrying around my cute little purse.  Not only am I not carrying around my cute little purse, I have exchanged it for a monster and usually end up carrying both the diaper bag and the purse anyways. 

My monster purse is large enough, yet lacks any organizing features, resulting basically in a large black hole into which pacifiers, keys, receipts and change disappear into the abyss, never to be seen again. 

My diaper bag, on the other hand, is too small.  We carefully picked it out before the baby was born.  Word to the wise, never let your husband have a say in the choice of diaper bag.  Now, I’m not blaming it on him, but I think I would have done it differently knowing what I do now.

What I really need is a diaper bag that doubles as a purse.  I gave up the hope of carrying a cute purse long ago, in favor of strict utilitarianism.  I think I will still keep the small diaper bag in the car, with extra clothes, medicine, and food just for emergencies, and carry the diaper bag / purse (hereafter referred to as diapurse) with the essentials.

I have long coveted Skip Hop diaper bags for their versatility and organization, but haven’t wanted to shell out the cash for one.  Today I was at Target and discovered that Skip Hop has created a line of diaper bags for Target called Spark.

At 30$ instead of 80$ I’m tempted to go this route.  I’ll let you know how the diapurse works out for me.


4 responses to “The great diaper bag dilemna…

  1. I’ve wanted a SkipHop for a long time too. In olive green….*sigh*. One thing that I do love though is my “pacifier pod”. I found it at Babies R Us by the pacifiers. It cost $7 which seems like a lot for such a little thing but it has been WELL worth it for all the times I’ve need to find a pacifier quickly.

  2. Don’t have experience with diapers of course, but I have found that I need a purse with zipper compartments to keep keys and certain other things. I’ve also found that i do better if I don’t get too big a purse since stuff tends to expand to fill available space.

    I had a big bag purse which I wasn’t using but have converted it into a Bible bag to carry my Bible and Bible study books to church and Bible study.

    But what will you do on the ocasions when you go out without Elias? Do you have a small wallet/purse that you could tuck into the diaper bag and then take out and take with you for those times without Elias? Just a thought.

  3. Just do it. It’s worth it to have your life organized–coming from someone who doesn’t. I got one of those fold up diaper changing clutch things that’s just big enough for a diaper, some wipes and the changing pad. It works pretty well. I can throw it in my monster purse for quick trips or load it in the monster diaper bag for longer ones.

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