the transformation…

Paul:  “We’re really city people now – we just BOUGHT a pumpkin.”

This is the first year we haven’t had all manner of squash available in our garden.  I have to say squash is some of my favorite garden fare, probably owing to the fact that my mom practically raised me on pureed squash.  I love it!!!  You have no idea how much they want for a squash at the store.  Highway robbery.  If people only knew how much of a cinch it is to grow these things…

Pumpkin recipes here


4 responses to “the transformation…

  1. I know the feeling. I grew up on a farm, so spending money to buy something that only costs a few cents for the seeds to grow yourself.

  2. what an adjustment- from your own home grown veggies to store boughten stuff.

  3. Do you have any place to put a small garden in pots? There are some creative ways to go vertical, etc if you have a small space.

  4. LOVE the new pic of you guys!! PERFECT for the season!! 🙂

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