How to make apple cider!


Last weekend we made cider at my parents house!  My Dad found this cider press at a garage sale (where else?) a few years ago.


Start with apples.  Never, ever, ever be tempted to pay for the apples.  You will end up with some really expensive apple cider.  It take quite a lot of apples to make even one gallon of juice.  Rather, take advantage of friends with apple trees, they are usually willing to part with quite a few apples.  And they don’t have to be the pretty ones either.


Throw them into the grinder thing.  Who knows what it is called?  Ha!


Press down the pulp and squeeze out the juice!  We didn’t feel we needed to add any sugar to our hot cider.  Carmel sauce is delicious in it.


4 responses to “How to make apple cider!

  1. Wait a sec..that’s it.. grind up the apples and press down on the pulp. I am sure I could do that.. if only I had a cider press..

  2. Yum!!! I just made apple cider the other night and it was delicious!! But we don’t have a cider press here, of course. So, I just bought the apple juice and added some spices to it on the stove. I would have loved to of tried yours!! Great fun!

  3. We have an apple tree in our backyard. It’s pretty wormy right now but maybe next fall we’ll have some good apples for cider making and pies! Fun pictures!

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