Two firsts this week:

Eli can sit up on his own now.  During Book Babies I noticed that he had more control and so we’ve been practicing a little with pillows at home.  He can sit and play with toys for one or two minutes before he falls over.  I will try and get a picture soon!  I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before that I absolutely LOVE Book Babies at the Multnomah County Library.  It’s story time just for babies. 

Eli has his first cold.  I feel sorry him.  He was up every two hours last night.  Any advice would be apprieciated because it is also my first time dealing with a sick child.  I have the humidifier out during nap and night, trying to make him rest and feeding him as much as possible.  I think I will try to give him a few warm baths today as well.

We are having some friends over tonight for dinner and then this weekend will celebrate our birthdays with my family by making apple cider in my parent’s press!


2 responses to “Firsts…

  1. Are you sure he’s sick and not just teething?? I have a hard time telling the difference with Ethan!! Right now Ethan has a major runny nose, is crabby as all get out and is pulling on his ears a lot. A runny nose, possible fever, diaper rash, extra grumpiness, pulling on ears, red cheeks and/or gums, and, of course, chewing on things incessantly(!) can all be signs of teeth coming in (I’ve heard) as well as possible signs of a cold! I have thought that Ethan may have a cold on several occasions, but it seems to come and go, which I think is probably just an indication of teeth coming in. And then, of course, there’s all those “well meaning” people out there who say things like, “oh, he must be teething!” as they see his fist in his mouth. To which I respond, “yes, he’s ALWAYS teething, that’s nothing new!”

    Anyway, either way, it’s no fun. Tylenol & lots of cuddles!! Is he congested enough that he’s having trouble nursing? That’s what I dread happening with Ethan! How does THAT work!?! Ugh!

    Good luck! And let me know if you figure out anything that work well! :-/

  2. My great advice: this too shall pass. It is horrible and hard to have a sick baby! Try different kinds of pain/cold reliever. I’ve found Baby Motrin works better than Tylanol (especially for teething) because it takes away the inflamation. I agree it could be teething and not a cold. Emma was in a constant state of cold/teething for 9 months (or so it seemed)! Whatever the problem, it is hard work for the mommy!

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