Daily Archives: September 6, 2007

Blogs I’m loving these days…

These days my blog style has turned slightly more – ahem – mommy friendly.  I appreciate the truly vast aray of mommy blogs out there.  Especially because for the last three days Eli and I have been stuck at the apartment without a car.  It’s a long story…  It’s good to know that when I can’t connect with REAL people in person, I can connect with REAL people in cyberspace.  Yeah, it’s a bit superficial, but it’s what I’ve got right now.  Here are the ones I’m diggin’ recentlly.

 1.  Friday Style 

This girl must really love clothes.  I love this because it’s real style for all of us – the regular clueless girl. 

2.  The Apartment Farm

Do it yourself and homemade stuff.

3.  Rookie Moms

Stuff to do with your kids.

4.  Food Love


5.  Cloth Diaper Blog

I got no love about this when I was prego.  WHERE is the love people?  This is a pro-cloth diapering blog.