It’s Peachy Weather…

I love the end of August almost as much as I love the beginning of spring.  It’s nice and cool in the mornings and nice and warm in the afternoons.  That bit of coolness in the morning is just enough to make me really appreciate the warm day ahead.  It also reminds me that these are the last few, sweet days before school starts, if I was going back, which I’m not.  This is the time I would be working in my classroom, sharpening the pencils, writing little names on little cubbies, etc.  It’s very joyful and satisfying work.

Always, about this time, the peaches come.  Last week on my way back from Eastern Washington we stopped in Bingen, Washington and got two boxes of peaches.  It’s hard to grow good peaches on this side of the mountains, the best ones always come from o’er yonder.  Peaches and I go way back.  I remember riding in the back of the car polishing off two or three peaches before soccer practice when I was very young.  My grandma used to can peaches (a tradition that I still continue) and as a teen I could sit down and eat a whole quart of them as a time.  This year I will not can (owing to the fact that my kitchen is very small) but I will freeze some for baby food when Eli is ready.  I hope he will enjoy them as much as I do!  Check out my recipe for Peach Crisp at Food Love


One response to “It’s Peachy Weather…

  1. Hi Annie!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. It’s GREAT to hear from you!!! I can’t believe your son is already 4-months-old. I checked out your blog briefly right before & right after he was born! It’s SO crazy how the time just flies. And having a child makes it go even more so!

    So . . . any way that you’d let me in with the “elite” and give me the password to read ALL of your blog entries??? 😉

    By the way, you are a very good writer! I’m impressed! And you definitely are a whole lot more creative and computer savy than I am. I’m jealous! I wish I had that gene . . . 🙂

    Keep in touch, my friend!


    P.S. I usually fold up my sheets and hang them on the radiator as well. (Or over the door!) :-/ Not the most convenient, but it works.

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