This is why we keep our TV in the closet.  We get it out once in a while for something special, like my weekly late night fix of Grey’s Anatomy or a movie.  I hope to keep it OFF during my children’s early years.  Take a moment to read this Time article, it’s very interesting.  This being said, someday when I get the flu and just need to take a nap while my toddler watches Sesame Street, I will be thanking my lucky stars for the boob tube (as my husband calls it).  So I’m not ready to “kill my TV” just yet.


2 responses to “No-Brainer…

  1. I think your caption was appropriate. I think that most of us could figure that kids need face time and personal attention from parents, especially when young to develop normally. So good for you to plan on not parking them in front of a TV as a matter of habit. Of course some of us didn’t even have a TV in the house until we were several years old. And even then we were limited in the time we spent watching it. We went out and played with the neighborhood kids as we were a little older. And I had a room mate once who I think had learning disabilities, but I think they were made worse by having the TV as a baby sitter too much rather than working to deal with the learning challenges.

  2. I read the article. They had to spend a lot of money on research to figure out what our mothers and grandmothers would have told them for free.
    I can say, though, that not letting my baby watch TV has turned her into a toddler who won’t be entertained by TV either. Who cares if mom is 9 months pregnant and needs nap in the middle of the morning!

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