Baby, the great equalizer…

I went grocery shopping the other day and found myself stopping in the middle of the store thinking, “Why is no one paying attention to me?” and then a moment later “Oh, it’s because I don’t have a baby!”  I had left Eli at home (properly attended to of course) and gone out for one of those rare childless shopping trips.  It’s amazing the attention that you get when you have a baby.  Doors are opened.  Questions are asked.  People are polite.  Where once you would be viewed with skepticism, you now have a get out of jail free card.  People that once would have only glanced at you out of the corner of thier eye and tried to run you over with thier cart now politely give you a warm smile and the right of way.  “How old?” they ask.  “So sweet,” they say.  I find I get the most comments when Eli is in the sling.  There is really nothing cuter than a little tuft of hair and two blue eyes peeking up out of that sling.  People ask me where I got it.  They ask me how he could really be comfortable in there.  They comment on how content he is. 

I think the thing is this:  Every parent, no mater how old, young, rich or poor, can identify with loving a child.  I even found myself doing it the other day.  I saw an baby at IKEA, it couldn’t have been more than two weeks old.  I had this desire to run up and hug the mother, tell her how blessed she was, and pinch the baby’s little cheeks off.  I kept myself in check, in case you are wondering. 

OK, so how are we doing?  Well, I am sloooooowly adjusting to life at home with Eli.  I love it so much, but I do miss having meaningful interactions with other adults.  I know this will change, as soon as I seek out some walking partners, mom’s groups, and get more involved in church.  I am planning on joining MOPS in September.  So it will take a little time to get into the groove of this new phase, but I do like it.

Paul is getting more settled in his work.  He actually came home on time every day this week.  I love it.  He is looking forward to planning a few weekend camping trips.  We realized that we can actually sleep in the back of our station wagon so we are excited about that.

4 responses to “Baby, the great equalizer…

  1. Did you go to the new Portland, Ikea? How was it? I’m so excited to go there and check it out! What church are you going to in Portland?

  2. Ha ha, so true. I was the focus of much attention when pregnant, and when I’m out with the boys they get tons of attention. When I’m by myself no one talks to me!! 🙂

    BTW, what kind of sling do you have? I’m thinking about getting one. They can take turns being with me that way and get one-on-one time.

  3. There comes a time when your toddler is having a tantrum in the middle of Bi-Mart and the “looks” are not so kind.
    I am glad to hear you are going to find a MOPS in your area. It is a great way to meet new friends.

  4. Yeah, this is interesting because a local columnist had a recent column lamenting the difference between all the comments received while she was pregnant, vs now while the child is a toddler who gets cranky, or who may not travel well on a long trip, etc. And I noticed that right after your post which I thought was interesting since her comments were so opposite of what you were saying. But it sounds like Alysun noted what the difference was.

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