In the past two days I’ve cleaned my swing seat cover (twice) AND my carseat cover beacause of poop.  It’s not because I use cloth diapers, in fact, I had more blowouts with disposables.  I never used Oxy Clean before I had Eli, but someone reccommended it to me for getting poop stains out of my diapers.  Love this stuff.  It’s really great for cleaning anything.  Yesterday my brother found an airconditioner in a parking lot, so we cleaned it up with the Oxy Clean and it’s beautiful (and cold, which is the most important part).  I am refering to it as the AC that God droped from heaven for us.  Thanks Dan!


2 responses to “Poop…

  1. Yes, we have found Oxyclean works very well to clean up those and other kinds of stains. And its nice because you can put stuff to soak in it.

    PTL about the air conditioner. I guess its hotter up there right now than it is here in S CA, Orange County.

  2. Oh yeah, I LOVE Oxi Clean! And I’ve been doing lots of laundry . . . actually I just threw a load in a little bit ago due to a blowout in the bouncer!

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