It’s finally quiet.  I have some semblance of order in this house, the baby is sleeping, and we have internet in our apartment.  I have a coffee in my hand.  I think it’s the first time I have sat down to breathe.  Thoughts on moving to Portland?  Well, after only three years of being gone I am shocked at the convenience of this place.  Do you want something?  You have only to walk / drive / bike to the nearest stuffmart, slide the debit card and exit with your brand new gadget.  As convenient as this is, I’m a little disgusted by it.  This disgust-ion is compounded by the fact that the Alaska team from our church is in Unalakleet, Alaska right now.  This is part of the reason I love Alaska, the extreme inconvenience of it all.  Can’t really put my finger on it, but I’ve been thinking about Alaska lately.  My prayers (and my heart) are with the team there. 

Speaking of stuffmarts, I went down to Babies’r’us and bought myself a stroller.  My final decision:  the Joovy Caboose.  Pros: it fits my carseat, toddler can sit or stand in the back, it’s sturdy.  Cons:  it’s huge.  I’m hoping this will take me through all my children because it really does go from infant through toddlerhood, plus it accommodate more than one child.  Ok, so maybe that’s unrealistic since most families own not one but six strollers during their child rearing years, but one can hope.

In other news, it’s hotter than (you know where) here, well, all over really.  It’s supposed to hit 100 today.  Our apartment complex has a pool so the last two days I’ve cooled myself off there, resulting in a funny rash on my feet!  Maybe I’m just not used to the chlorine (I hope that’s all it is!).  More later…


One response to “Ssssshhhhhh….

  1. The stroller looks like a great find!! I am sure you’ll get lots of good use out of it!! I am glad to hear you are back in Portland I know Kara is thrilled!!! Next time I’m up there I’d love to meet Elias!


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