Getting started in cloth diapering…

Paul and I are getting started in our cloth diapering adventure.  We purchase two different kinds of cloth diapers and decided that we definately like these Fuzzi Bunz the best.  They are less bulky and more husband and babysitter friendly, definately worth the investment if you are going to have more than one child.  So when Eli goes up a size, we will be going entirely Fuzzi Bunz.  It’s really not as hard and messy as I though it would be.  I do one extra load of laundry every two days.  Eli cries if he is wet and these seem to keep him dryer as well.  We have had a couple leaks, mainly at night time, but that was when he was smaller and they didn’t fit him as well.


3 responses to “Getting started in cloth diapering…

  1. So, how much did they cost? Also, what was the other brand you “tested?”

  2. They cost about 18$ per diaper if you buy them used. They aren’t the cheapest alternative to disposables but they are definately cheaper than disposables, especially if you are planning on using them for multiple children. You can also buy seconds (about 12 or 13 $ per diaper. Or you can buy them used. I chose to buy them used in the small size because that’s the size that my children will be in for the least amount of time. For the other sizes I will buy new, because I want them to last for at least three children.
    The other brand I tried out was regular chinese prefolds in Bummi’s super whisper wraps. My husband found them hard to used, and the runny poop was getting on the diaper cover and we were having to wash that constantly. They were more bulky than the fuzzi bunz.
    I know that Happy Heiny’s also makes a pocket diaper that is similar to the fuzzi bunz but with velcro instead of snaps, and they run about 15$ a diaper.

  3. Oops, I meant 18$ a diaper if you buy them NEW!

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