Pictures from the last half of our trip…


Paul, Grandpa, and Eli


Annie at Lake Shasta.  We stayed here on the way home.


Paul at the beach


We love Grandpa Robinson!

My favorite quotes from our trip:

“I think you’re my favorite shirt tail relative.” Paul’s Grandpa

ME: “Grandpa, when did you move to Mission Viejo?”

Grandpa: “Tuesday. HA HA HA.”

ME: “Hey you want me to drive for a little bit?”

Paul: “No, you’ll slow us down.”

We had been driving for about 10 hours by this point.  Paul has the classically male driving syndrome.  He gets frustrated if I start talking while I’m driving and slow down to below the speed limit.  I have a hard time doing two things at the same time.  One time we were driving over the mountains and I requested that we stop and eat since I was getting hungry.  Paul said no, we were not stopping, because all the trucks he had worked so hard to pass would pass us while we were in the restaurant.  Yeah, we didn’t see another restaurant for three hours.  So I almost never drive when I’m with Paul.  Don’t worry, I have the utmost confidence in my driving ability.

One response to “Pictures from the last half of our trip…

  1. what great quotes Annie. I hate stopping after I’ve passed all the trucks too. Funny thing is Jason doesn’t want me to drive for the opposite reasons Paul won’t let you drive. Next time we head out, you and J ought to meander your way to our destination and when you FINALLY arrive, Paul and I’ll just be getting back from an afternoon of hiking- HA HA.

    Hope to see you all soon!

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