Can’t wait for summer…

annie hike

My husband has a penchant for adventures.  It kind of runs in his family.  When I married him he bought me a backpack and I cried through the entire first backpacking trip.  I really wanted to like it for him, but I didn’t.  Since then I’ve grown to love backpacking and all types of different outdoor things.  I like them for different reasons than my husband does, and sometimes I love them JUST because my husband has a smile plastered on his face the entire time.  One time, actually I think it was the time pictured above, I had gained a few, maybe 5 pounds, and my motivation for going on the three day trip was to be able to fit into my favorite jeans afterwards.  You see, when you are backpacking you can only eat stuff like top ramen and instant oatmeal and only what you feel like packing up a hill.  Also, you sweat and move a lot.  I’m happy to say it’s the best wieght loss plan I know of.  And I had fun doing it.  Sure, I may have dreaded going over that next hill, but look at where I got to take a nap!  I was actually sleeping at the top of a waterfall.

paul hike

One other motivation that I have for these adventures is wildlife.  On that particular trip we saw mountain goats and elk, but we’ve also seen bear, fox and many others.  And while Paul enjoys the adventure, I enjoy the quiet.  Our marriage has been strengthened by these trips.  What would have happened if I had stopped trying to like backpacking after that first trip?  Now, there are some things I have tried to like that have turned out being total failures, like sewing, for example, but I’m glad I gave backpacking a chance.  My husband has made it easy for me.  When we are camping he brings me coffee in my sleeping bag.  He packs more in his backpack so my own will be lighter.  He is in charge of packing and unpacking the car.  Plus, he just wants to “adventure” with me.  How many wives can say that thier husbands want to adventure with them?  I’m blessed.

 (pictures are of the Goat Rocks Wilderness, which is my favorite trip so far)


One response to “Can’t wait for summer…

  1. beautiful scenery and good thoughts on marriage!

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